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What male has not dreamed of the girls on the Swedish bikini team, longed for the Japanese office chicks, swooned over the French farm maiden, lusted for the Dutch au pair? What woman does not long to fly off to Italy and be wooed and seduced by some dark haired guy named “Antonio”. Argentine men are considered handsome too, because many of them have blond or light colored hair.

As for Americans and Europeans, part of your appeal is you speak English which most people here want to know–many Chileans study English, but few can actually speak it.

So when they hear your accent, their interest will be piqued.

If you have blue eyes and blond hair, they will become even more curious, because here most people are like, well, the fishermen in Crete meaning they all look the same.

Women (mainly single ones) unashamedly flaunt their “assets” and do not disdain being desired by men for such attributes.

Business meetings, even mixed gender ones, frequently digress to subjects regarding women, many of which American feminists would find distasteful, degrading, demeaning and brazen. Or, as one Oregon woman reminded me in 1990, women are useful “for sex and babies.” They are also good to take along on vacation and trips if they do not nag too much or complain excessively.

If you happen to be one of those domineering, malicious and overbearing American women that Oprah and other daytime television is famous for helping to create, then Chile is probably not the place for you.

Zorba told Basil that all the men hated the lovely widow in the village, because they all wanted her, but only he, as a foreigner, could have her.

The love is real and that’s the silver lining to all the backwards tales that go hand-in-hand with a leap of faith.

Joss Stone tells us she fell in love once and almost completely.

Argentine women get fake boobs through their health insurance.

Latin Punctuality Guide – Work: on time, Date: 10-20 minutes late, Party: 1-2 hours late. Some Colombian girls get fake boobs for their Quinceañera (sweet 15).


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