Dating a workaholic commitment phobic

Watch out for signs of commitment phobia before you find yourself hopelessly in love with someone who is not capable of having a relationship.A person with commitment phobia need not display every one of the following symptoms but the more symptoms he displays the more likely it is that he suffers from the condition. His past relationships are all short and/or very noncommittal If he has never been married and has had a series of short relationships despite not being all that young, then he probably is not likely to commit to a long term relationship in the future either.The "booby prize" in life is trying to understand or change the behavior of an emotionally unavailable person.

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He will prefer to make same-day plans or commit only a few days in advance. He is not letting you know whether he is attending your party Just as a person with commitment phobia will be afraid of agreeing to dates several days or week in advance, he will also have difficulties saying ‘yes’ to a party or meeting, unless this is strictly required of him.

They are deeply involved in the thrill of the hunt as a key part of the experience.

Once they “get” the person, it becomes less interesting for them. They are consumed with picking out the negative traits in the other person in a meticulous fashion.

They may have suffered through a troubled childhood experience that has wounded them or they now have higher priorities such as their career or taking care of a sick parent.

Perhaps, they are recently divorced or widowed, and legitimately not ready to get involved in an intimate relationship.


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