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"It was a drama-infused environment," he said of filming the TV show. It's been a lot less stress." But when the initial shock of the arrest came, things started to fall like dominos.

As I was in Louisiana apart of a road trip this past week, I decided to check into Red Jacket Firearms, just because they happened to be within the vicinity of where I was staying in Amite. One, I wanted to know more about what happened to them after their departure from the mainstream media because of Will Hayden’s sexual assault charges.

The biggest change is the name, which has been changed to Meaux Guns & Ammo.

The new owner (who was a co star during Sons of Guns) Joe Meaux is heading all this up, in addition to starting another company called Akly’s Defense (same building).

I expect Stephanie Hayden Ford (and/or whoever else owns the company now) will rebrand it.

I was once asked by producers of the show if I wanted to appear on one of the episodes.

Aklys Defense is the manufacturing company, which operates in a warehouse behind the store.

The site is the same one where ICEE Distributors was formerly located.

Hayden is accused of raping a minor “almost daily” since March 2013 and taking her virginity when she was 11 years old. During an interview with detectives, the alleged victim said she did not report the sexual abuse because she was afraid Hayden would hurt her.

While I was down in Louisiana, I talked to some of the local residents about the rebranding and the incident, it was large enough to make headlines throughout the state, and important enough even for the elderly to residents to remember it being a big deal.

Will Hayden, founder of Red Jacket Firearms which was featured on the Discovery show Sons of Guns, has been arrested for aggravated rape.

What is interesting is that the RJF website is still up here, yet to be replaced or rebranded by the new Facebook group here.

I can’t say that I was fully surprised, but more mildly shocked as I hadn’t heard a thing about them since the sexual assault incident, about the rebranding.


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