Northern ireland nudes

Sustained media coverage of high profile child sexual abuse cases demonstrate that sexual abuse can happen anywhere – without anyone noticing the signs.It is also common for those with concerns to not know where to go for help. provides a safe place for people to talk about their concerns and worries.Irish Fine Art is a family run Irish art gallery located in Cookstown, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Situated in the heart of Mid Ulster.

The project began with three life-drawing models, and the results enticed others to pose in the nude in Hart’s studio.“Taking your clothes off for someone who is not your doctor and who you are not going to sleep with is new territory.” Inevitably the project raised questions of self-exposure, body image and attitudes to nakedness and vulnerability. “I’m 45, happy with my body with all its imperfections and happy to show my confidence in who I am,” writes Lennon.Her nine-year-old daughter’s positive response is what has touched her most, “and I understood that respecting, valuing and loving our bodies is a gift to pass on to future generations”.A few years later I left to set up a new agency photocall Ireland concentrating on coverage of politics, business and the arts.During this time the realities of trying to make a living from professional photography and providing for your family left no time to pursue your own personal photographic interests.All items on view are for sale so please just add to your shopping trolley to purchase.


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