Blackberry contacts not updating from outlook

If you a password exists on your device, you may be asked to input it once again. Highlight Outlook and then select "Next" The next screen is where you can choose 'Two Way Sync' / 'One Way Sync from the Black Berry to Outlook' / 'One Way Sync from Outlook to the Black Berry.' I usually choose Two sync as it will merge data from both your device and Outlook (safest option). On this screen, you would select the Outlook profile you'd like to sync, majority of us only have Outlook, but some may have business contacts and personal contacts in which they don't mix.

For this example, I will choose Contacts only, but you also have the option to the calendar, memo pad and tasks. After choosing your profile, hit Next and then click Finish after getting to the Congratulations screen.

I do the same on the People app of my Windows Phone 8...

Today's lesson will be on "How to Setup your Black Berry to Sync with Outlook." I see this question come up quite a few times and I also see that this could have saved a lot of people from having to start from scratch with their contacts, notes, calendars and tasks.

After downloading handheld software from RIM and then installing, contacts are in sync.

You may want to periodically verify be making a small change in handheld contacts and verify that change is being made to Outlook.

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Note: This feature supports import of locally stored contacts and calendar appointments that are not syncing to an online source.When I change a phone number on handheld sync appears to complete but no message of conflict and no change in Outlook.I have tried everything Reinstalling Outlook2003, Reinstalling Blackberry software after complete unintsall per Blackberry knowledge base. PIM syncs the first time from Outlook to handheld but on future changes to handheld, contact information does not change in Outlook 2003.You can choose to sync more items or click OK if you're done.I usually unplug my berry at the main screen in Desktop Manager for five (5) seconds and then plug it back up.Windows XP SP1 Blackberry 4.0 Nextel Service Provider Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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