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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Anne of the fint class, of St Stanislaus of the first class, and of St. There were forty time fuzes and 109 concussion fuzes expended ; in all, 109 Armstrong shel L I have, hc.y (Signed) H. B., and his qualifications as an Engineer recognized by Colonel Mould, Com- manding Rojal Engineers, in his report. 4 Q2 1320 The Sablime Porte dedarei that she is readj to gnuit to other foreign Powers who may seek lo obtain them, the oommercial advantages contained in the stipulations of the present Treaty. The Queen has also been pleased to present the Reverend Alexander Campbell Mclntyre to the church of Shieldag, in the parish of Applecross, in the presbytery of Lochcarron and county of Ross, vacant by the transportation of the Reverend John Bamett to the church and parish of Ell- brandon. Commission signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Northampton. Newport, as Consul at Turk's Island, for the United States of America. MEMBER returned to serve in the present PARLIAMENT. G-eorge Edward Osborne, Gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Gosset Dated 23rd August, 1861. Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Vladimir of the third class, Grand Cross of the Redeemer of Greece, Knight of the Lion of Zaehringen of the third class, and decorated with tlie Order of the Nichan- Iftihar of Turkey, His Privy Councillor, Hia Envoj Extraordinii Ty and Minister Plenipotentiarj to His Majesty the Eang of Hanover ; His Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway, the Sieur Charles Adolphus Sterky, Knight of His Order of the Polar Star, of the Order of St. Before concluding this letter I wish also to recommend to their Lordships' favourable notice the Assistant-Surgeon of this ship, Mr. ARTICLE XXL It is always understood that Her Britamiie Miyesty does not pretend, by any Article in the present Treaty, to stipulate for more than tha plain and fair construction of the terms employed^ nor to preclude in any manner the Ottoman Gro* yemment from the exercise of its rights of internal administration, where the exercise of those rights does not evidently infringe upon the privileges accorded by ancient Treaties, or by the present Treaty, to British subjects or British merdian- dice. Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to accept the resignation of the Commission held by Ensign Jackson in the 1 5th Company, also of the Commission held by Lieutenant Marshall in the 2oth Company. The Queen has also been pleased to present the Reverend John Mein Austin to the church and parish of St. MEMBERS returned to serve in the present PARLIAMENT. The Right Honourable Edward Cardwell, Chan- cellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Western Wood, Esq., Citizen and Fishmonger of London, in the room of the Right Honourable John Russell (commonly called Lord John Russell), who has accepted the office of Steward or Bailiff of Her Majesty's Manor of Northstead, in the county of York. Borough of Morpeth, The Right Honourable Sir George Grej, Bart.» 6. B., of Falloden, in the county of Northum- berland, one of Her Miyesty's Principal Secre- taries of State. The Right Honourable Sir Robert Peel, of Dray- ton Manor, in the parish of Drayton Basaett, in the county of Stafford, Bart., Cluef Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Lreland. This day the Lords being met a message was sent to the Honourable House of Commons by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, acquaint- ing them, that The Lords^ authorized by tirtue of a Commission under the Great Seal, signed by Her Majesty, for declaring Her Royal Assent to several Acts agreed upon by both Houses, do desire the immediate attendance of the Honourable House in the House of Peers to hear the Commission read; and the Commons being come thither, the said Commission, empowering the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and several other Lords therein named, to declare and notify the Royal Assent to the said Acts, was read accordingly, and the Royal Assent given to An Act to facilitate the formation, manage- ment, and maintenance of piers and harbours in Great Britain and Lreland. Ralph William Grey retains the command of the 26th Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps. \si Administrative Battalion of the North Riding of Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers. Ath Northamptonshire Rifle Volunteer Corps, Robert White, Gent, to be Ensign. County Palatine of Lancaster, Southern Division, Charles Turner, Esq., one additional Knight. Henry Francis Eeane Penrose, Gent., to be En- sign, by purchase, vice Gatacre. ISih Pooif Captain Thomas Young, from half- pay, late 47 th Foot, to be Captain, vice James Wil- liam Bostock, seconded, having been appointed Captain-Instructor of the School of Musketry. th Footy Ensign Edgar Angelo Dickenson to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Henry John Browne, who retires. Arthur Edward Trotter Brown, Gent, to be En- fflg°9 ^7 purchase, vice Dickenson. 20ih Foot, Robert D^Arcy, Gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Harris, promoted. 1452 22nd Foot^ Ensign Henrj Allen Gosset, to be Lieutenant hj purchase^ vice William Sheffield Harding Oy who retires. 25th Foot^ Ensign and Adjutant John Charles Thompson to have the rank of Lieutenant* Dated 2ard August, 1861. Allen Saunders, Gent, to be Ensign, by pur- chase, vice Norris. 90th Foot, Gentleman Cadet Arthur William Bowman, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Russell, pro*- moted. Not cam girls or pros, these women are often just bored housewives or single parents stuck at home and looking to spice up their life with some erotic fantasies.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. 1st Admmistra Hve Battalion of Pembrokeshire Rifle Volunteers. 21 i VCajesty tlie Kiog of Hanover, on the ixally animated with the desire to faci- pro Tnote the relations of commerce and ^ bet^reex L tlieir respective dominions, t Vved to conclude a Treaty, with a view e t\ie navigation of the Elbe from the D^wn nnder tae denomination of the Stade OLshau Ben toll, and have for that purpose as tlieir Plenipotentiaries, that is to * "WLa^e Bty the Queen of the United Kin^ i Great Britain and Ireland, Henry Francis axd, "Esquire, Her Envoy Extraordinary and later Plempotentiary to His Majesty the % o£ "BLanover ; l\a "Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King of lugary and Bolieinia, the Sieur Frederic Hugh, junt of Ingelheim Echter de Mespelbrunn, Lonorary Knight of Malta, Grand Cross of the ^rder of the Guelphs, of "William of Hesse, and a^ the Qrand-Bucal House of Oldenburg, Com- mander of the Grrand-Ducal Order of Lewis of Hesse, and of the Order of the Bedeemer of Grieece, His Privy Councillor and Chamberlain, H\a "Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo- tentiary to His Majesty the King of Hanover ; Hia Maiesty the King of the Belgians, the ^\e\it John Baptist Baron Nothomb, decorated "With the Iron Cross, Grand Cordon of His Order oi Leopold, and of the Orders of the Ernestine Branch, of Albert the Valorous, of the Legion of "Eononr, of tbe Bed Eagle, of Charles III, of Christ of Portugal, of St. Olaf, of the Netherland Lion, of the Lion of Laehiingen, of Merit of Grand-Ducal Hesse, of 1182 the Hoase of Anbalt, &c., His Mim Bte T of Btato, His Ehyoj Extnordinirj and Mimstei ¥W\po- tentiarj to His Majesty the King of Uanoyer *, His Majesty the Emperor of Bruii, t\i« ^vs^ Marcos Antonio Chevalier d'Ar^ui Of Coinm«&der oi the Order of Christ of Braill, Gr&nd Croaa q( the Orders of the Bed Eagle and of Danebroe, Knight of the Order of the Conception of Portugu a Member of His Council, and Ilia ^n^^^^Vti ordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to E Majesty the Kine of Hono Ter-, His Majesty the Kinj;; of Denmark, the ^\ Charles Ernest John de Biilo^, Commander of Order of Danebrog, and decorated V\t\ t'he ( of Honour of the same Order, l^night o' Order of Stanislaus of the second ^vki^, niander of the Order of St, 0\af of ^ Knight of the Orders of the S^otd ot ': and of William of Hesse, His Ma^or-C^n Chamberlain, His Envoy on an Entrti Mission to His Majesty the l^\ng c A ^a;i Her Majesty the Queen o£ ^^n Vw^ Vizente Gutierrez Cheya Wer 4^ '^^ mander of Her Order of l»a\e Txtc His Majesty tlie "Empero T o^ *\ Sieur Joseph Alphon Be Paul Sp Officer of His Imperial Order Honour, supernumerary Comro i of Charles III of Spain, ICnif Pius IX, His l^ini Rter Pier i Majesty the Kin^ of T^ — 1183 kncler of the first class of His Order ao urueipns, Ora Dd Cordon of the Ordent of pold of Austria, of the Bed Eagle of Prussia, f of the White Eagle of Bussia, of the Netherland ,/ lion, of the House of Oldenburg, of Pius IX, of f Saint Maurice and Saint Lazarus, &c., His I Minister of State and for Foreign Affairs ; ' His Boyal Highness the Grand Duke of Meck- lenburg-Schwerin, the Sieur Otho Henry Jasper de Wickedoj His Councillor in the Department of Finance ; His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, the Sieur Anthony John Lucas Baron Stratenus, Commander of His Boyal Order of the Netherland Lion, His Chamberlain, His Enyov Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to His Majesty the King of Hanover ; His Majesty the King of the Kingdom of Portugal and the Algarves, Don francisco d' Almeida Portugal Count of Lavradio, Grand Cross of the ancient and most noble Order of the Tower and Sword, and ol the Military Order of Christ, Commander of the Boyal Order of Our Lady of the Conception of Villa Yi Qosa of Por- tugal, Grand Cross of the Order of the Bed Eagle of Prussia, of Leopold of Belgium, of Danebrog, and of the Ernestine Branch of Saxony, Ejiight of the first class in diamonds of the Princely Order of Hohenzollem, &c., President of the Chamber of Peers, His actual Councillor of State and Honorary Minister of State, His Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Her Britannic Majesty ; His Majesty the King of Prussia, the Prince Gostavus d'Ysenbours; and Budineen, Knight of His Order of the Bed Eagle of the third class with knot. John of Prussia, and decorated with the Cross 1184 for Milituy Merit, Gnoul Ctom of the Order of the Houfle of Oldenburg, Conunander of the firet class of the Orders of the Ouelphs of Hanover, and of Hennr the Lion of Brunswick, Ac^ His Lieutenant-Colonel attached to the First B^i- ment of Dragoons of the Quard, His Bnroj Extraordinaij and ly Cnister Plenipotentiaiy to His Majesty the King of Hanorer ; His Majesty the Emperor of all the Busaias, Eing of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland, the Sieur John Persiany, Knight of His Orders of St. The gun has done, and always will do, a great deal more than any other description of ordnance in the service, throwing the shell with greater pre- cision, he. B., the Senior Officer of Her Majesty's ships and vessels on the Australian station : Peloru Sy Auckland, Sib, Apr U 2yl S6l, THE Naval Brigade under my command having this day returned to the " Felorus," I beg to lay before Ihe Lords Commissioners of the Ad- miralty a statement of the services rendered by Lieut. B., on that officer resigning the command to Lieut* General Cameron, C. AU'rigirts, priviiegi BS, or immunities whidi aie aoir ormay hereafter be granted to, or snflfered to be -enjoyed b^r, the ssbyeola, ships, oommeroe, or BBVig Mi Ofi 01 t BBf luieigu Jnower m tne jftauaii dnnkiiima or-possession^ shall be equally granted t^ mod eaennsed and enjoyed by, the snbj«ot% sii^p Bi commerce^ and nvf igation of fin Ottoman ARTECCE XX The present Treaty, when ratified, shall be siib- stitnted for the Convention concluded between the two Ifigh Co Btraeting Psrtms on the i6th of Aogost, ]i688, and shall remain in foroe fm t weaty ^ight yean from the iaj of the exchan^s of Aeral^cations; eaohof the High G ont r ac i in g Pl Hties beiiig, howenvr, at liber^ to give to the other, at the end of foorteten years*(that time being fiaed, as Hie pi of ia i ons of this Treaty will then kav B'Oom O'into folk ibrse), notioe for its fo Tioiimy tr Ibrito determiiiation at the expiration of a yaar fi RHB-tiie date of that noiiee, and ao-again atiim end ci twenty'OBe years* ghe proaen t Treaty shall reeeive its ezeontio B m all and esrery one of the provinces of the Otto* man Empire, that ia to ai^, in all the poss BSBtass of Ka imperial Mi^esty tiie Snhaa ntnated in Svope or ia Asia, in Egypt and in the other paitaiof Afrioa bekniging to the Sablime Pbrte, in Servia, and in the United Principalities of Mald MW and Wallachia. The Queen has been graciously pleased to ac- cept the resignation by Lieutenant Alfred Cha- worth Lyster of the Commission held by him in the 9th Surrey Rifle Volunteers. The Lord James Murray, Equerry to Her late Royal Highness and Groom in Waiting to The Queen, The Honourable and Very Reverend The Dean of Windsor, Resident Chaplain to Her Ma- jesty, and The Honourable Spencer Ponsonby, Comptroller in the Lord Chamberlain's Depart- ment, were present on the occasion. The following Address of Condolence to the Queen on the occasion of the death of Her late Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, having been transmitted to the Right Honourable Sir George Comewall Lewis, Bait, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for ^o Home Department, for presentation, has been presented accordingly to 4S2 1352 Her Mfgestj, who was pleased to receive it yeiy graciously : From the Ministers and Elders of the Association of the Nonsubscribing Presbyterians of Ireland, assembled at annual meeting at Dronmore, the 18thof July, 1861. The Queen has been pleased to present the Reverend James Mc Donald to the church and parish of Knock, in the presbytery and island of Lewis and county of Boss, vacant by the death of the Reverend Peter Cameron. Smith, from Nottingham Militia, to be Adjutant and Quartermaster, with the local rank of Lieutenant Dated 23rd August, 1861. However, when it comes to genuine footballing talent, the US are found wanting. 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