Mythfilldatabase not updating

Ive been using mythtv and shepherd for a few weeks now without issue, until the other day when i noticed on the backend status page of mythweb that 'mythfilldatabase ran, but did not insert any new data into the Guide for 1 of 1 sources.This can indicate a potential grabber failure.' Seeing that it hadnt righted itself for a few days i started to do some digging around to see what was up .The Program Schedule Downloading Options section of Setup General tells the mythtv backend whether to run mythfilldatabase, when to run it and what parameters to use.If you set up the mythfilldatabase options in Myth TV setup, the backend will run it once a day, based on your settings.

When using XMLTV, mythfilldatabase can use a lot of main memory.but I never had to check the log, because (or coincidentally?) once I added the line to log errors, mythfilldatabase started running automatically with no errors.You may need to upgrade to the latest version of XMLTV.2010-04-28 .233 Data fetching complete.and nothing changes, no more data is inserted into mythtv.I think it is always nice to have a system that manages itself.


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