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To any person who occupies the post, I would simply say, for your own sake, you should consider resigning because it is such an impossible situation... “I became an addicted date practitioner,” she now recalls. He is a real icon for the Filipinos in his field of boxing. We were in school together from undergraduate, I think all the way to law school. They had sign that said Children’s Books or American Literature, but I didn’t go by those. I didn’t think there was anything abnormal about it. Like I never went out with my friends to have a snack, for example, or to go window shopping, which was what young people liked to do. I remember that when I was an undergraduate student in UP Visayas, I had submitted my essay and my classmate begged me during recess to write an essay because she didn’t do one. My father’s brother was a librarian in the Vatican. And so all my cousins on my father’s side were all honor students. My tendency is always to be brotherly to somebody but I never had crushes on boys like my classmates. Because I read a sign in the library that said, in very ancient English, that a law student should read only five hours. My thinking was if you had a pair of shoes that would be sufficient. Yes, because you walked into a store and you asked, “What’s the latest? No, because from that time on, I became an addicted date practitioner. But I made clear I had to be home at exactly the time I wanted to be. The morning section, the afternoon section and the evening. I finally said, ”I’m not going out on dates with you anymore. You’re always insisting that you should have your way. All you want to do is play father and raise children. And I said to myself, that would depend on my circle of friends, on how extensive my circle is. But if I expand my circle of friends, he probably is not. He very quietly dismissed even UP graduates from positions in the prosecution service, or even judges because at that time, it was the Department of Justice, not the Supreme Court, that has jurisdiction over judges. And he had a vile temper just exactly like that of his protege (laughs). I don’t want to hear from you anymore.” So I would just grind out those speeches. Did he edit the ones you made and return them to you? And then, on the day the President was to deliver the speech, he suddenly remembered because Malacañang was asking for the speech, so he said, “This is an emergency. It was very important for me to always respect my boss.She was the sum of what women wanted to be — corps sponsor, Collegian editor, outstanding coed, among other distinctions. They couldn’t all be going home to their Manila residences or those of their relatives, she thought. Whoever wanted to take her out to dinner would first hear her eager yes, followed by a strongly-worded request that she be brought home not later than 8 or 9 p.m. She brings sunshine to everybody’s life no matter what time of the day it is. So I grew up thinking that everybody’s family had honor students. I learned later that in high school, you’re supposed to have crushes. It was an asset to me because I was so concentrated on just studying. It’s impossible that they are all going home.” And she would say, “They are going on dates.” So I said, “What do you guys do on a date? ” So, okay, the first time I was asked, I said yes immediately. I was an active student leader so these were from all the different student organizations. It was so very dark and there were no buildings whatsoever except for that fine dining place, which was the closest to UP campus. I think they were just fascinated by someone like me because I was at the top of my class, and I was very active in all the student organizations — the student council, the woman’s club. And the reason I got to know him was that one time, I was working very hard in the library. When I passed by the doorway, he just suddenly showed up, I was startled and he said, “Do you want me to bring all those books? He was dating someone else from the dorm, whom I approached. Here is this interested young man and he seemed like he had nothing to do because he is not an honor student. We were always taught to be independent and I did not want the idea of tailoring my personality to suit somebody else. The first time my husband said, “Why don’t we get married? “ So I weighed it all up in one night and I said, okay, fine, let’s embark on this experiment. It turns out you just study like everybody else.” “Well,” I told him, “this is what you call the period of disillusionment.” Kokoy Romualdez You worked with the Department of Justice during the time of President Marcos. Not scared But at some point, you were a judge, and a famous one.Did you hear about the Bureau of Customs clerk who drives a Porsche? Elevado explained though he was given a 40 percent discount because the car had leaks when he acquired it.

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I told him he could have it in two if he’d apply for a clerical job at the Bureau of Customs. Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon says Paulino Elevado’s statement of assets, liabilities and net worth or SALN “is clean.” It means, he doesn’t have the capacity to buy a multimillion peso vehicle.

Activist Al Sharpton and actress Lisa Raye were first spotted together at the NAACP awards, and now at Michael Jacksons funeral.

So I guess Al Sharpton is knocking down Lisa Raye, wow!

The battle for the remains and properties of the congressman and the animosity between his partners and children, have been in the news for weeks.

Grace descends from at least two generations of San Juan politicians.


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