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But sometimes all it takes is just a little planning to take your first date from scary to smooth. Choose something that will allow the two of you to build in touches and physical tension. If you went for a walk along a river, the surroundings would take the pressure off, allowing you to look around and see what’s going on.

Relationship expert Matthew Hussey shares some basics that will help you better plan your first date so you can focus on what really matters — your date. You want the activity you’re doing to have the flexibility of being a 20 minute date (if things are terrible and you want to escape), through to a 3 hour date if you’re having a great time and want to be able to carry on. A dinner wouldn’t be my first choice, but if you find yourself at one, be sure to sit side-by-side, not sat across from each other. This not only gives you more to talk about, it makes silence in conversation more relaxed.

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Worse, you may get caught up in a toxic relationship with a man who could have been filtered out from the start.

This is the kind of negative spiral my guidelines are designed to protect you against.

This is why most of my favorite first dates are structured to avoid the “audition” frame that so many first dates turn in to – sitting awkwardly across from each other, asking the 10 standard getting-to-know-you questions everybody asks and spending most of the date inside your own head instead of, y’know, enjoying yourselves.Where to meet As a savvy dater you will have certainly checked out that the meeting point is ‘accessible’ for both of you.Whether you’re a Tinderella, Happnista or a Bumbleite, it’s worth taking into consideration a few expert approved dos and don’ts to guarantee your best profile yet… Ditch multiple pouty selfies and go for action shots.not to mention doing basic due diligence, trying to make sure that one or the other isn’t a psycho axe-murdering cannibal. There is a lot to account for: the location, the conversation, what to wear, etc.Fortunately, it’s all pretty simple, as long as you keep your head.


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