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This position influences the path of the cyclonic air masses, which control summer precipitation and, consequently, summer lake levels in the area.

Officials in northern California said they will likely have to reopen the heavily damaged Oroville Dam spillway as water continues to rise in its reservoir. 27, when officials with the California Department of Water Resources closed it off to begin repairs and remove debris that had built up after a series of massive water releases into the Feather River below the dam.

view of the outer ring at Pampa Aullagas, the upper part is covered in volcanic boulders originally created by flowing lava while the bare sand on the slopes beneath the boulders suggests the plain has dropped in elevation away from the original volcanic mountain.

The Salar de Uyuni located on the Bolivian Altiplano at an elevation of 3653m (11,985ft) above sea level, is the worlds largest salt flat.

The hole in the main concrete spillway combined with the huge buildup of runoff into Lake Oroville forced officials to use a never-attempted emergency spillway to release water.

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The youngest was a shallow paleolake Coipasa, radiocarbon-dated between 11400BC and 9500BC. The youngest deep paleolake Tauca existed 16000BC to 11790BC. Older paleolake Minchin dated from 30,000 to 23,700BC in different phases.

This new chronology corrects previous estimates for human burials at this important site and provides a new picture of Homo sapiens adapting to deteriorating climate in the world's driest inhabited continent.

The site of Atlantis at Pampa Aullagas on the Bolivian Altiplano with its outer ring of land and inner rings of water is presently a considerable number of feet above the surrounding land level and also the lake level of nearby Lake Poopo.

No such change was indicated by the tree-tilting chronologies, but wave erosion occurred in exceptionally rainy years.

According to the modern record, spring lake-level rise is due to increased snowfalls since the 1930s.


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