Proof robert pattinson and kristen stewart are dating demonoid stats not updating

At the time of the announcement, the child out of wedlock was 14 years old. Following weeks of scandal surrounding Kutcher and an alleged affair with 22-year-old Sara Leal, Demi Moore released a statement in 2011 announcing she planned to divorce Kutcher after more than six years of marriage.

It gets worse: The alleged affair reportedly took place the night before their seventh wedding anniversary.

One source close to the couple dished, “He thought they were falling into old patterns again.

He feels he can date other people and still be a good date.

Last year, we reported that Will had a secret romance with Duane Martin, and reasoned that the stress his secret relationship put on the family encouraged daughter Willow Smith to snap and shave her head.

Well, Will is at it again—this time, he’s throwing boys night in parties in Rio De Janeiro!

Being a celebrity means you trade your privacy for fame and fortune, so you’d think stars would be more careful when they’re out cheating on their partners.

It didn't take long for media outlets to learn that Parker had been having an affair with his former teammate Brent Barry’s wife, Erin Barry.

“For the rest of this season, what the writers have been doing really well is relating the show to a lot of things going on in our country right now and bringing up issues of equality,” she told .

Melissa added, “So I appreciate how every single character on our show just stands up for loving each other and sticking together, no matter where you come from, whatever your skin color, species, planet or sexuality — whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.

Will has publicly supported gay marriage, which is terrific, but if he’s gay, he needs to be true about who he is.

We don’t want to rush him, but with all these pictures, it’s not like he hasn’t had ample excuse to confirm it!


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